Vocal Coaching

Through vocal coaching, Vinz Roosso offers a tailor-made service for anyone wishing to free their voice, improve their singing and feel at ease on stage.


It's a progressive approach, based on who you are. You start where you are and go where you want to go, at your own pace! Coaching of this kind is a perfect complement to a classical singing course.

How does it work?

During individual 45-minute sessions, Vinz Roosso invites you to work on both technical aspects (voice, breath, musicality...) and visual aspects (posture, style, look...).

At the start of the coaching session, Vinz Roosso offers to carry out a diagnosis to define your starting point and desired destination. Then he accompanies you every step of the way until you reach your goal.

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What's the point?

The basis of singing is breathing. By learning to regulate your breath, you give space to your voice. By working on posture and style too, Vinz Roosso invites you to listen to yourself as a whole. He encourages you to better perceive the image you give off, to gain self-confidence and discover the look that suits you on stage and in your everyday life - isn't life one big stage? In addition to improving your vocal skills, such coaching can make you feel better in body and mind...

Who is it for?

Voice coaching is suitable for all ages (children, teenagers, adults) and all levels (beginner, advanced). Whether you want to enter a competition, surprise someone you know or feel better about yourself, Vinz Roosso will find the right "fit" to make your dream come true!

Where does coaching take place?

Coaching sessions take place at Vinz Roosso's recording studio in La Sarraz (VD), Switzerland.

Live trio band
Vocal coaching - 45 min
CHF 75

Travel expenses not included.

CHF 75
Pack of 5 sessions - 5 x 45 min
CHF 300

Payable at the start of coaching.

Travel expenses not included.

CHF 300

Contact coaching

If you have any questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

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